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"We Still Demand" stenciled in black on white painted plywood panels. Additional stenciled text can be read on the panels. A painted pallet is additionally leaned against the panels which reads "Stop Killing Us."

A spray-painted plyboard reads "BLM" and painted inside a stop-sign shape reads "STOP KILLING US".

The mural prominently features a stylized portrait of George Floyd with a halo and angel wings. Next to him is a stop sign that reads “Stop Killing Us”. Floyd is green with a heart below him, and the words “Justice For George Floyd.”

Three works:

"Justice for George Floyd" inside an abstract flower.

"BLM" and a Black Power Fist in the center of a rainbow with hearts.

A Black woman with "STOP KILLING US!" on a red stripe over her eyes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.39.58 PM.png
A portrait of a black woman with an afro. The words "Stop Killing Us!" in white letters are on a red banner that covers her eyes.

A photo of the grey exterior of a building with a white, metal door. (The kind of door you see on parking ramps.). The door has been spray painted with a white base coat. Large black letters spell out: "stop killing us"

An image of a Black man positioned with his hands up. Text surrounding him reads "End White Terrorism" and "Don't Shoot."

Simple black graffiti reading "Stop Killing Us" painted on a pull-down door.
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