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Graffiti on a New York public kiosk map. Includes "FTP," "Fuck NYPD," and "No More Pigs." Stickers include "Karen Sucks," "We Need Your Story," and "Defund The Police."

These were part of a month-long protest encampment at New York City's City…

A black and white sticker depicting a KKK member in a white hood and robe hanging from a tree with the phrase “Hang in there baby!” written below it. The sticker is on an electrical pole box.

A sticker with a color photograph of a burning building in a city with cars parked on the street. Text above the building reads "A New World From the Ashes of the Old," with smaller text at the bottom reading "solidarity with the minneapolis…

A sticker on a pedestrian crossing sign that reads "Abolish the police" in white text on a black background. The sticker is below another that says "Free Palestine" with a small Palestinian flag on it.

Bright green “ACAB” sticker on a bus shelter. White lines above and below frame the letters.

This is a blue sticker with cut out letters that spell ACAB as well as cut out hearts around it. This is posted on a pole of a street sign near George Floyd Square.

“All Cops are Bastards” stickers using a 90s internet aesthetic in a purple color scheme.

A sticker reading "Reject Your White Privilege," and one reading "United Front Against Racism," along with a number of other stickers.

A cluster of stickers reading "United Front Against Fascism," "Reject Your White Privilege," and "Isolated Hype" with an American Flag.

Two stickers, one black, one blue, reading "Dump Trump" and "Fuck Trump."
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