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Various stickers have been placed on a street sign including a Community Watch, No Police Zone sticker.

A red sticker reading "Talking To Cops" that is placed under the word "Stop" of a public stop sign. Below the stop sign is a sign that reads "No parking 30 feet," which has been graffitied over with "ACAB" and "1312."

A STOP sign has been altered with a sticker, so the sign reads "STOP police brutality."

A sticker on a light post on University Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Midway neighborhood.

A pink sticker with text reading "Still Not [heart]'ing Police" in white text against a black circle. The text references the song "Still" by Dr. Dre. The sticker is on a metal post.

Various stickers have been placed on a bike rack including "Punch Nazis" and "Everyday Is a Perfect Day For Abolition."

“State Sanctioned Terrorist” sticker features the head of a white man wearing an outdated and ubiquitous police hat. Sticker is placed on a bike lock stand along the sidewalk.

A sticker showing an open mouth with teeth and bright red lips. The words "SPEAK OUT!" fill the mouth. Bright yellow rays add dynamism.

A black and white sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign. The sticker reads "Solidarity" and depict three fists representing Black power.

A sticker showing seven fists in different flesh tones. One fist is blue, pink and white (trans pride flag) and one is rainbow colored (LGBTQ).
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