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This is a sticker posted on a pole of a street sign reading "Black Joy Matters" in black and red on a white background.

Various Black Lives Matter stencils with fists have been painted on a utility box with additional stickers.

A sticker with a Black protester holding a sign that reads "Black Likes Matter." The protester wears a face mask and has a fist in the air.

A sticker reading "Black Lives Matter" with a fist in rainbow colors for Pride.

Sticker with Black fist and the words "Black Lives Matter."

A sticker with text reading "Black Lives Matter" and a fist, adhered to a post.

A sticker reads "Black Trans Lives Matter | Stonewall Was An Uprising Against Police Brutality And Violence Targeting Queer And Trans Communities Abolish The Police."

USPS that reads “Black Lives Matter ACAB” on a sign located along a bike path in Van Nuys, CA at sunset.

Sticker on street sign across from Cup Foods reads "Dream like Martin. Lead like Harriet, Fight like Malcolm. Think like Garvey. Write like Maya. Build like Madam C.J, Speak like Frederick, Educate like W.E.B, Believe like Thurgood, Challenge like…

A blue, rectangular sticker with a black picture of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s mugshot. A box with an X through it and the words “Bad Cop” are written below it. The sticker is on the back of a street sign.
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