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A piece on display on the Springboard for the Arts building in Saint Paul Minnesota. A mural with a white background and a large blue peace sign and blue flowers and the word "Justice".

Yellow graffiti on pavement reading ACAB with anarchy symbols.

ACAB tag in red with the letters A transformed into anarchy symbols.

A photo taken on East Side Saint Paul neighborhood on Maryland Avenue. A grey metal electrical box on the intersection has "ACAB" in black paint.

A plywood mural on display on the Springboard for the Arts Building in Saint Paul Minnesota. This is an unpainted plywood mural with the message: "Art & Community" An unidentified green object is underneath the message along with a white speech…

SLA 1 Image 1.jpg
A mural of raised fists in many colors outside of a bakery located on University Avenue in St. Paul.

Photo of a storefront near Brunson's Pub in East Side St. Paul. The doors and windows are boarded up with plywood. "Black Owned" is written in large black paint letters on the plywood. Sheets of white paper are also taped to the plywood. They read:…

A plywood mural on display at the Springboard for the Arts building in Saint Paul Minnesota. This mural is covering a window. It is an unpainted piece of plywood. "BLM" in black letters with black accent lines radiating from "BLM"

A large curved wall covered with colorful panels and the words BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Painted plywood on the door of Little Saigon Market reading BLM with hearts.
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