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Justice 4 George Floyd in large, purple bubble letters against a background of flowers.

A stenciled portrait of George Floyd's face, rendered in shades of blue.

The south wall brick exterior of a building. George Floyd's face has been painted four times in shades of blue on the wall using a stencil. The closer you get to the faces, the blurrier they appear, but from a distance, the subject matter is clear.

A mural made from painted plywood covering the front entrance of Gordon Parks High School. The mural is 5 panels long. Five blue George Floyd portraits are painted large and in the middle of each white panel. These portraits are the focal point.…

A plywood panel covering a window at Gordon Parks High School. The plywood panel has been painted white. In the lower left corner is a blue George Floyd portrait created with a stencil by Seitu Jones. In the lower right corner "HUGS" is spelled…

A plywood board covers a window of Gordon Parks High School. A blue George Floyd face is in the middle, created using Seitu Jones's Blues 4 George stencil. A blue heart is in the lower right hand corner. Bright red letters spell out: "TAKE YOUR knee…

Sydney Petersen Norah Ntagungira GF.JPG
A painted mural on plywood with image of George Floyd. The text reads "Show up with: Your Body, Your Voice, Your Time, Your Money, Your Community, Your Mind. Justice for George Floyd." The mural has a white background and the head of George Floyd is…

Painted on plywood panels covering a window, colorful flowers with text reading "Justice for George Floyd" and "LISTEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR"

Simple white text reading "MAMA."

Large blue text reading "I Can't Breath" spray-painted on plywood on a boarded up bank.
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