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This MPRB sign has been removed from another location and placed at the intersection of 38th and Chicago Avenue. The peeling at the end of the sign suggests that it has been edited from its original location name to now read: "George Floyd Square".

A photo of a cardboard sign planted in a garden. The sign reads: "3 more arrests end police brutality" end, police, and brutality are larger and underlined for emphasis. There is also a red heart.

A sign on A Better Bail Bond Company reading 8:46 | In Memory of George Floyd

Abolish police.jpg
A blue sign is nailed to a residential fence reading “abolish the police.” The text is written in black and two red drops of blood are noted first before the word “abolish” and after “the.”

Paper sign on a porch: "Black Lives Matter and George Floyd should be ALIVE."

Berkeley, CA (8.7.21).JPG
A sign with Martin Luther King Jr. has been placed in a window with text reading "Black Lives Matter I Have a Dream."

Sally Pemberton - 2524 Nicollet three July 21.jpg
Rainbow sign. "Black Lives Matter" in bold letters.

A sign reading "Black Lives Matter" has been hung on a church.

A sign reading "BLM" has been hung on a fence. Nearby graffiti reads "I Love U"

Black Lives Matter sign on plywood behind a broken window. Window appears to have been broken by a stone or rubber bullet.
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