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On the bottom half of the sign, a Black person wearing a rainbow jacket and holding a megaphone says, "GIVE US OUR ROSES WHILE WE'RE STILL HERE." On the top half of the sign, roses are a backdrop to the outline of a city. In the background are Black…

Mural at the B Bar and Grill on East 4th Street. Repurposed cardboard protest signs including: "Black Lives Matter", "Say Their Names", "8 Can't Wait", "Justice for George Floyd". Mural featuring warm colors (coral, burgundy, red, orange, yellow) and…

Simple text reading "FLOYD" painted on a stop sign.

A monochromatic photo of marquee sign at the Southern Theater reading ‘black lives matter’.

A standard red stop sign with "stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffitti spells out "killing" to make a new message: "stop killing"

A standard red stop sign with "Stop" in white letters. Underneath "stop" green graffiti spells out "hate" to create a new message: "stop hate."

The marquee sign from COOK restaurant in east side St. Paul with "Justice for George."

A photo of a cardboard sign planted in a garden. The sign reads: "3 more arrests end police brutality" end, police, and brutality are larger and underlined for emphasis. There is also a red heart.

Black spray-painted "MPD SURENDER" on Burger King sign.

Two white posters in yard with black text. "Justice For" and "George Floyd."
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