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  • Tags: September 2020

A tag in black paint reads "ACAB."

A stick on a traffic light reads "Push Button To Eject Trump In Case of Malfunction." Underneath is an image of a boot kicking a man with Donald Trump's hair. On the bottom of the sign, it reads "Vote. #itactutallymatters. Register at"

A painted brick wall in front of a private residence. The background is yellow and red. Greenish black letters spell out "GEORGE FLOYD"

The front door area of Lake Auto Center. Large glass windows are uncovered, but the front door area is still boarded up with plywood. The unpainted plywood is covered in tags. One of the tags reads "Acab."

A small sticker adhered to the back of a sign. The sticker is black with white image and text. The image shows a line drawing of the 3rd precinct in flames. Text reads "Welcome to Minneapolis!"

A sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign reading "Every Body Hates the Police" and "Eternal war against the peace | #blue lives don't matter" The text is set against an abstracted image of police in riot gear enveloped by flames and smoke.
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