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A pink poster depicts an image of a Black woman, Iquisha Middleton, who was killed on December 26, 2008. Above her image, it reads "#SayHerName."

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A poster depicts an image of a Black woman, Robin Taneisha Williams, who died in a car accident with a drunk state police officer. Above her image, it reads "#SayHerName."

A poster depicts an image of Eula Mae Love with the phrase"#SayHerName" and her birthday "January 3, 1979."

The Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence with a variety of signs that are dedicated to Vanessa Guillen. Some of the signs read "Vanessa Guillen Is My Sister," "I Am Vanessa Guillen," and "Vanessa Guillen is Everyone's Daughter."

"Protect Black Youth" has been written in chalk and "Say Her Name" has been spray painted in white on a sidewalk.

A large wall mural with brightly colored bubble letters reading "SAY HER NAME" in blue and red. In the middle of the words, a Black woman is painted, wearing a green shirt. A stylized red and gold heart is on her chest, and a red and gold halo is…

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Plywood panels over windows. The wood is spray painted white almost to the edges, resembling a cloud. Across the top in large blue letters are the words "Breonna Taylor" and directly under that in smaller letters "Here We Celebrate Your Life". To the…

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Plywood over two windows, painted a light pink. The left panel has the words "BLACK GIRLS DESERVE BETTER" in black bold lettering. Interspersed with the lettering are red flowers and green leaves. At the bottom, the artist's handle "GAIA.XYZ" is in…

Painted using a stencil on a painted brick wall, 'JUSTICE FOR' (in white) 'BREANNA TAYLOR' (in red) 'SAY HER NAME' (in white).
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