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#ACESSEM ("Access") is painted in white traffic paint on the pavement.

EDUCACÃO LIBERTADORA ("liberating education") is written in white traffic paint on the pavement.

#TODOSPELASVACINAS ("Vaccines for All") is painted in black on the pavement.

The mural brought together the Verified Campaign, the United Nations Information Center for Brazil, Unic-Rio, and thousands of members of samba schools to paint.

#Pare O Abuso De Poder ("Stop Abuse of Power") is painted in white traffic paint on the pavement on one lane of a cable suspension bridge.

The mural was organized by Engenharia de Tráfego (CET) (The Traffic Engineering Company).

#Busque Racismo Estructural ("Search for Structural Racism") is painted in white on the pavement.

A sticker reading "Justiça por Moïse" with a photographic portrait of Moïse Kabagambe. The sticker is adhered to a garbage bin.

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A street mural with large block letters reading "VIDAS PRETAS IMPORTAM" (Black Lives Matter)
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