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Lee George Floyd.jpeg
A white sign reading "George Floyd's memorial was here for 6 months before white supremacists destroyed it on 12/28/20" is situated next to the Robert E Lee Monument. The Robert E Lee Monument has been covered with graffiti. The sign is also…

Lee Every is a Star.jpeg
These images depict the front and the side of the Robert E Lee Monument. Each side of the monument is covered in graffiti. On the front of the monument, multiple phrases are written. Some of the phrases include "Anti-Pork," "Be Holy," and "Every…

Lee 1.jpeg
This depicts a side view of the Robert E Lee monument in Virginia. In front of the monument are cement barriers with graffiti. One cement barrier has "Tamir" written on it.

These photographs show projections on the Robert E. Lee Memorial. The first image depicts W.E.B. Du Bois. Portrayed on the horse above W.E.B. Du Bois is "BLM." The second image depicts George Floyd and above this image is the phrase "BLM." The third…

“Understand we are never leaving” painted on the pavement on Monument Avenue sidewalk near the graffiti-altered Robert E Lee monument.

View through the fence of graffiti-altered Robert E Lee monument and memorials to victims of police brutality. There is a posted notice stating that anything left near the fence would be removed.

Street graffiti reading “Marcus David Peters” on Monument Avenue. Earlier protests in response to George Floyd's murder renamed the park around the Robert E Lee statue “Marcus Davis Peters Park” for a Black man killed by police in 2018.

Sign enforcing firearms restrictions in front of fenced in graffiti covered Robert E Lee monument. This was the site of Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and contains memorials to people killed by police.

Fencing around area where protesters gathered around the graffiti-altered Robert E.Lee monument on Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA. Layers of anti-racist graffiti were applied to the Confederate statue following the death of George Floyd. On Jan 25,…
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