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Black Lives Matter in bold, black and white bubble letters against a sea of colorful bubbles.

Text reading Black Lives Matter against an abstract, stained glass patterned background.

Rendered in white chalk against a black background, beautifully lettered text reading "Black Lives Matter" with a fist.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in pastel yellow, pink, and purple on the pavement.

Local artists and community members have worked together over the past year to co-design and install the new original mural. The street mural features design work…

A portrait of Breonna Taylor against a black backdrop.

A portrait of Breonna Taylor wearing gold with a butterfly at her shoulder.

BREONNA TAYLOR in enormous block letters against a background of colorful abstract pieces.

A work in progress, this trio of images centers on a powerful fist flanked by images of the sun. Text reads "Enough is Enough."

Bubble letters in white with black outline reading "I CAN'T BREATHE" set against a pool of red. Smaller text reads "8.46."

A fist emerged from an anatomical heart that drips with blood. Text reads "No Justice No Peace," and "Resist, Rethink, Rebuild." Various signs have been adhered to the wall.
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