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On a white background, a hyperrealistic black and white protest scene is presented. A crowd of masked people tear down a fence, while one raises a flag that reads "Black Lives Matter". In an outline of green clouds to the viewer's left, the words…

Two stickers: one is a propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War reading "Camarada! Trabaja Y Lucha Por La Revolucion" and the other reads "Viva EZLN" which references the Zapatistas Uprising. ACAB can also be seen written on the pole.

"Revolt" written in red spray paint on a sidewalk near the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Various graffiti on the concrete base of the fence surrounding the Brooklyn Center Police Department following the death of Daunte Wright. Messages range from anti-policing to messages of love and tributes to Daunte Wright. The wired part of the…

Several graffiti messages including "#DaunteWright" , "Revolution Now", and "Fuck Yo Curfew" in red spray paint. Some graffiti has been covered up with black spray paint.

A sign near a bus stop reads "Buses Do Not Stop Here, Effective: Now, Reason: We need Justice, Please Board the Revolution Here, #saytheirnames, #justicenow, #BLM, #Defund the Police, #Mutualaid, #Listentothemothers, #GFM, #Dispelwhitesupremacy." An…

A memorial to George Floyd at the intersection of his murder at 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis surrounded by potted plants and cut flower bouquets. Two bandanas, one rainbow printed and one cream-colored, are tied at the top of the memorial…

REVOLUTION Wolter Bros U-Ave by PJB.jpg
Set against a background of vivid pink and orange abstract swirls/roses, text reads" "Get off your butt and join the revolution."

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 10.08.40 AM.png
1. The word 'revolution' in gray and the letters EVOL in red-spelling love backwards. Above is Rip Homie George
2.Blue sky with three black birds and winds lines. In the green blades of grass are the names of 22 Black people killed by police.

A bright colorful mural. A bright blue background. Big red lips with teeth and a tongue sticking out. " Revolution is the new Rock n Roll". In big, bold letters. " Black Love" "RIP Big Floyd". And "Floyd's World" are written in black letters…
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