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tiny cop car 1.jpg
A miniature police car has been created, graffitied, and smashed, mirroring the protests in South Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. The graffiti reads “rest in power George Floyd,” “1312," “RIP,” and “ACAB.” Other graffiti is noted though…

Colorful graffiti on plywood boards including "BLM," "George Floyd," "Rest in Power," and "Say His Name."

"Rest in Power George Floyd" and "BLM" with diamonds and stars spray painted on the plywood boards of the Uptown Walgreens.

This is a mural on the plywood boards of the Red Cow in Uptown. "Rest in Power George Floyd" appears in black letters on a white rectangle, "Say his name" in white letters on a black oval, and "Black Lives Matter" in white letters on a black dove…

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 7.59.31 PM.png
Pink and blue text that reads "Rest in Power George Floyd. BLM"
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