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A stencil portrait of George Floyd with text reading REST IN POWER/GEORGE FLOYD in red spray paint. Next to this (and apparently by a separate hand) is an image of a pig representing cops.

A stencil portrait of George Floyd with text reading "REST IN POWER," on pavement.

"REST in POWER" and "George Floyd" in 3-D purple, silver, and black lettering.

An image of a George Floyd as a father, embracing his small child. A halo of light radiates and flowers fill the background. Includes text reading "Rest In Power."

Three repeated images of George Floyd wearing a shroud. Text says 'Strike Me Down/I Shall Become More Powerful/Than You Can Possibly Imagine/I Can't Breathe/Justice for George Floyd/Rest in Power."

The mural contains two black power fists. One of the two has the color of the Transgender pride flag. The other is filled in solid black. A section of the mural has the title "say their names" and contains 13 names of past well known victims of…

Positioned against fencing along Hyde Park Road, this sign reads “REST IN POWER / GEORGE FLOYD / BLACK LIVES MATTER / UK POLICE NOT INNOCENT” in red and black paint.

George Floyd Rest in Power, stencil on plywood board.

Breonna Taylor Rest in Power stencil on plywood board.

"Rest in Power George Floyd - BLM" in pink and blue on a black background.
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