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"Rest in power" on a black, red, and green board leaning on a window. On the pavement below, it reads "Fuck the pol(ice)".

George Floyd Rest in Power, stencil on plywood board.

An image of a George Floyd as a father, embracing his small child. A halo of light radiates and flowers fill the background. Includes text reading "Rest In Power."

Orange and red toned mural. Portrait of George Floyd with daisies around him. "George Floyd" and Rest In Power" are at either side of Floyd.

Graffiti including "Rest in Power," "Yellow Peril 4 Black Power," "Natives Stand with BLM," and "This 2 Shall Pass" on the plywood boards on storefronts and the sidewalks of Chicago Ave.

"Rest in Power" in a green to blue gradient.

This is a tribute to George Floyd, with various contributions from the Grinnell community in the form of Black Lives Matter signs, flowers, and hand-made drawings including George Floyd and the police.

"George Floyd" and "Rest in Power" in blue and pink block letters, with fist of power with flowers, painted on glass.

White ribbon in the center of yellow and red background.
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