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"REST in POWER" and "George Floyd" in 3-D purple, silver, and black lettering.

Positioned against fencing along Hyde Park Road, this sign reads “REST IN POWER / GEORGE FLOYD / BLACK LIVES MATTER / UK POLICE NOT INNOCENT” in red and black paint.

George Floyd Rest in Power, stencil on plywood board.

Breonna Taylor Rest in Power stencil on plywood board.

"Rest in Power George Floyd - BLM" in pink and blue on a black background.

Decorated plywood covering the door of Taqueria & Birrieria Las Cuatro Milpas featuring a portrait of George Floyd. His likeness is surrounded by fist imagery, flowers, a winged heart labeled 1974-2020, and a message to Rest In Power. Plywood…

A traffic signal box with a simple black message reading "Rest in Power George Floyd."

This photo shows a grey, metal utility box on the corner of a busy intersection. Black letters spell out the message: "Rest in Power George Floyd" Floyd is underlined 3 times.

Grey bubble letters on plywoodwith white outline and black background. "Justice George Floyd."
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