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White panel with blue painted text at top reading "HOLD POLICE ACCOUNTABLE."

Below text are nine pages of paper with "STOP MURDERING PEOPLE OF COLOR." Six have been defaced: three with brown spray-paint covering the word "Murdering" and three…

"Fuck reform" written in red spray paint on plywood boards and the side of the building. This graffiti is located at a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Black Coffin Tattoo_2480 University Ave W_55114_2.jpeg
Boards cover the windows of Black Coffin Tattoo, with spray painted bubble letters reading "George Floyd" and "We Demand Change."

Mural of a United States Flag with a scroll reading "Reform United in Love."

"RIP George" tag to the left.

"REFORM" in trans colors.
ACAB on the sidewalk.
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