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Mural of a United States Flag with a scroll reading "Reform United in Love."

"RIP George" tag to the left.

Black Coffin Tattoo_2480 University Ave W_55114_2.jpeg
Boards cover the windows of Black Coffin Tattoo, with spray painted bubble letters reading "George Floyd" and "We Demand Change."

White panel with blue painted text at top reading "HOLD POLICE ACCOUNTABLE."

Below text are nine pages of paper with "STOP MURDERING PEOPLE OF COLOR." Six have been defaced: three with brown spray-paint covering the word "Murdering" and three…

"REFORM" in trans colors.
ACAB on the sidewalk.

"Fuck reform" written in red spray paint on plywood boards and the side of the building. This graffiti is located at a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.
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