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A sticker showing seven fists in different flesh tones. One fist is blue, pink and white (trans pride flag) and one is rainbow colored (LGBTQ).

A sticker reading "Black Lives Matter" with a fist in rainbow colors for Pride.

This section of mural shows a raised purple fist with a rainbow wrapping around it. A green and purple plant grows around the fist. A round eye is painted to the left of the fist.

An oval sticker on a rounded bike rack with black bubble letters “BLM”. The spaces in the letter B and between the legs of the M create hearts. Another small black heart is between the L and the M.

Mural B_1.20.21.jpg
The background of the mural is a rainbow with a cityscape in front of it. In the foreground are shapes of people protesting, wearing masks. The people are rainbow colored, purple, yellow, pink, green etc. The protesters are holding signs saying, "No…

Black fist, colors_6.26.20.jpg
Painted on plywood covering a store front, a large Black power fist with rainbow rays behind it.

In all-capitalized letters, "Love Power" is written across the top of the mural in bold pink lettering, shadowed by black paint to create a three-dimensional impact.

Beneath Love Power, a wide array of imagery comes together to form one piece.…

"George Floyd" in rainbow colors on a multicolored background. A red heart is between the letters. Above the text is a rising sun.

Rainbow sign. "Black Lives Matter" in bold letters.

Rays in rainbow colors extend from behind a blue eye with long eyelashes. "LOVE" is in pink block letters at the lower corner.
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