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A poster on a street sign approaching George Floyd Square. The poster includes three masked figure along with text. The poster reads "Protect Us | Justice for George Floyd | Masks Help Us All"

To the right of the mural, a phoenix is depicted rising out of the ashes of a burning city, with a broken heart and "George Floyd" written on its wings. In the sky, there are red, yellow, and orange flowers floating around. On the left side of the…

Two separate murals share space, creating a large mural panel. The first mural shows a black woman from the waist up with eyes clothes and hoop earrings. The background surrounding the woman is filled with blue and purple linework. The right side of…

A paste-up showing Donald Trump as Derek Chauvin, dressed in the uniform of a police officer. Trump/Chauvin appears relaxed, one hand at his hip, while he holds his knee on the neck of George Floyd. Text on George Floyd's body reads "I can't breath."…

Portraits of Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown pasted onto plywood. The names Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown are next to the respective portraits and "Say their names." The boards have been changed from their original location and now are located on…

Mural reading RIP George Floyd, 1973-2020. This mural is on front of a boarded up building at 3825 W. Center Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a memorial to George Floyd.

Rainbow-colored bubble letters, "Real Change Is Coming." Black text in upper corner reads, "RIP George Floyd." Background is pink with purple splatters.

Tags: "Hours 10 - 5 Th - Sat," "RIP George Floyd," "We" heart "N. MPLS," "Locally Owned," "We Support Youth."

Collections of tags on an uncovered building. Includes "They killed George Floyd," "FUCK 12," "05/25 RIP GEORGE FLOYD" in black.

Throw up with bubble letters: white "Real," rainbow "CHANGE," and white "Is Coming." "RIP GEORGE FLOYD" in smaller black text. The background is pink with purple splatters.
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