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A cartoon head of a male with a speech bubble saying "RIP Floyd." It is painted in blue.

A wall has been painted with various text including "BLM," "Our Streets," "RIP Floyd," "ACAB," "1312," "Keep Hope Alive," and "Don't Fuck With CHAZ." Some of the text has been painted over or had paint added to it.

A piece of plywood was placed over a business door. It has been spray painted repeatedly on the top, lastly with white paint reading "302." Under this a reddish brown reads "RIP Floyd, We Love You, Fuck 12." To the right of this another plywood piece…

Simple text reading "RIP Floyd" and "1312" written with black spray paint directly on the brick surface of the building.

Mural with blue and green background and black bubble letters, "RIP Floyd," "BLM," and "We," a black heart, "LAKE STREET."

The exterior of an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. "Fuck 12 Fuck" was written on the building and painted over with a tan color paint that does not match the exterior wall color. The paint was applied thinly, so the graffiti is still visible. A few feet…

Black mixed style lettering "RIP FLOYD BLM" and "WE" heart "LAKE STREET." Styles include, 3-d, bubble, and vector. Splattered blue and green background.

"Prose" in the upper left corner.

Tags on rear of Cup Foods building (alley access). Text reads “RIP Floyd,” “Fuck 12,” and “ACAB” white text with black shadow.

"RIP Floyd" is spray painted in blue on the plywood boards of the Uptown Walgreens. The "O" in "Floyd" is an upside-down peace sign.

Graffiti on the plywood of a storefront on 38th St including "Love Each Other," "Rebuild Black Wall Street," and "RIP Floyd we love you."
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