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A sticker showing seven fists in different flesh tones. One fist is blue, pink and white (trans pride flag) and one is rainbow colored (LGBTQ).

A sticker reading "Black Lives Matter" with a fist in rainbow colors for Pride.

This section of mural shows a raised purple fist with a rainbow wrapping around it. A green and purple plant grows around the fist. A round eye is painted to the left of the fist.

Murals on plywood boards at Cyclebar Uptown featuring a Black Lives Matter fist with a pride flag background, hearts, and the message "Uptown" and "We Ride as 1."

"Justice for Tony Mcdade BLM Black LGBT+ Lives Matter" written on a painted Pride flag on a plyboard covering a business window.

Various graffiti at the strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department: "BLM", "Fuck the Jakes", "Long live my cus Daunte Wright", "ACAB", "Fuck 12", and three red hearts. The words "Justice for Blaks Pride" are underlined…

An oval sticker on a rounded bike rack with black bubble letters “BLM”. The spaces in the letter B and between the legs of the M create hearts. Another small black heart is between the L and the M.

In a rectangular four panel grid format, hands hold up picket signs with the words "protest", "pride", "peace" and "power."

A mural showing flowing lettering of the name of the Longfellow neighborhood in green.

Gigi Floyd is holding up the world, combined with Pride as a way of exploring intersectional issues.
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