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A photo of a cardboard sign planted in a garden. The sign reads: "3 more arrests end police brutality" end, police, and brutality are larger and underlined for emphasis. There is also a red heart.

A black and white poster with a collage of images showing natural disasters/police brutality/Covid-19/smiling white newscasters accompanied by text reading "Bienvenidos Dystopia/In the United States of America in the Future..."

A portrait in profile with abstract feathers and patterns in the background. Text reads "BIG GEORGE/#justiceforgeorgefloyd/WHEN THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH!"

Paper with "Black is Beautiful..." written at the top. In the center is a layered-paper face of a woman. Under her is "Columbus, Ohio 2020. #BlackLivesMatter #Justice for George Floyd #EndpoliceBrutality."

The card is taped to a window.

A small sign reading "Black Lives Matter" in the window of a restaurant.

Poster in house window. Triangles of yellow, blues, green, and orange with black text. "Black Lives Matter. White Silence = White Violence. Together with open hearts, peaceful action, in spite of fear, We Can Change This."

Cardboard sign in yard,…

Photo of a storefront near Brunson's Pub in East Side St. Paul. The doors and windows are boarded up with plywood. "Black Owned" is written in large black paint letters on the plywood. Sheets of white paper are also taped to the plywood. They read:…

A poster with a trifecta of big cats including a black panther, a jaguar, and a tiger above "United Not Divided: Black Lives Matter." Above each cat is "Black Power," "Latinxs," and "Yellow Peril," respectively.

People scrubbing spray-painted messages off the walls of a building. Black Lives Matter signs on plywood.

A white tagboard sign located at the Philando Castile Memorial in Falcon Heights MN. It reads: "Call our MN businesses and ask them to demand (pressure) 3 more arrests, Thao, Lang, Kueng" "black lives matter" also written in smaller letters in upper…
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