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Close crop of a painted sign hanging from a fence. Sign has a colorful, unskilled painting of a bird; three hand-cut speech bubbles have hand-cut letters saying “Durkan” x-ed out, to read “no Durkan” and also “Booooooo” and “Booooooo.”

Painted sign hanging from a blue fence. Sign has a colorful, unskilled painting of a bird with speech bubbles saying “Durkan” x-ed out, to read “no Durkan” and also “Booooooo.”

Painted sign hanging from a blue fence. Sign has a background of loosely-painted flowers, and the words “I dislike Jenny Durkan."

A banner with tan text on black background stating:
"If I'm not for myself,
Then who is?
If I'm only for myself,
Then who am I?
If not me, who?
If not now, when?"

A piece of cardboard with "Black Lives Matter" written in white below it.…

A poster with a trifecta of big cats including a black panther, a jaguar, and a tiger above "United Not Divided: Black Lives Matter." Above each cat is "Black Power," "Latinxs," and "Yellow Peril," respectively.

This wheatpaste poster reads "DEFUND THE CPD! The police ar murdering, shooting, and tear gassing civilians and Mayor Ginther is paying them to do it! This year, he wants to add $17 million to their $350 million-dollar budget. GINTHER! DEFUND CPD NOW…

Poster reading:
"How To Be A White OR Non-Black Ally At A Rally
Amplify Black Voices. Don't Lead Chants.
Make space for Black folks to lead chants.
Don't Post Photos/Videos/IGLive With Protesters' Faces
Protesters will face repercussions if they…

A candle memorial with pillows, a poster, markers, flowers, and images of Tamir Rice. Above the memorial is a cardboard sign reading "Happy Birthday Tamir Rice" in flowing script. Around the memorial are other signs such as "Defund and Divest" and…

Graffiti on a police box and signs on a fence. Includes "Pig Pen," a badge-shaped sticker with an insignia and "Fuck 12 City of New York." The sign has "Solidarity Vibes 4 y'all! South Gate Defenders," and "Art is a powerful werapon. Black Music…

Plywood panels covered in chalkboard paint have chalk messages from bottom to top. Messages include "We Portland will be the change," "Portland Fallen!" "PPB," "White Supremacy," and "MAMA."

A plain panel covers some of the messages. Said panel…
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