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Sticker of blue Minneapolis police badge with KKK hood in center

Defund the Police is painted in pink on the pavement.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 3.33.39 PM.png
Seen through the screen of a cell phone camera, a Black protestor and Minneapolis police chief Arradondo embrace each other. They are surrounded by other protestors and officers in various shades of brown. One police officer wears a face mask. There…

Sticker reading:
Community Watch Area
Trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community, protect your friends and neighbors from uniformed gang members and other suspicious characters.
Police Not Welcome

Police Free Schools is written in yellow traffic paint in front of the Madison School Department Administrative Building.

A black-and-white mural featuring three officers in riot gear with their shields lined up to create a barrier. The officers look around their shields to the foreground. On the front of the barrier, a Black child with an afro has painted a bright pink…

A drawing of the four police officers that murdered George Floyd with the names of four black men (Floyd, Castile, Clark, Garner) killed by police. On the side you see four people yelling for the officer (Derek Chavin) to stop. In the background you…

"DEFUND THE POLICE" is painted in pink on the pavement.

Murals on the plywood in front of Moon Palace Books: Abolish the Police is in large block letters; Peace, BLM, Love are in large bubble letters

On an all-white background, the poster depicts a black-and-white illustration of a Black child seated to the left and a white police officer in full riot gear to the right.

Crosslegged, the child has short curly hair and is dressed simply in an…
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