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Painted "#Icant Breath BLM" and spray-painted "-Boldos", "Justice 4 FLoyd", and "Fuck 12."

Annotation 2020-08-25 113303.jpg
Black spray-painted messages on plywood. Reads "Arrest all 4 swine, now", "you will lose your souls, we will win their hearts", and "FUCK 12."

Text reading Black Lives Matter against an abstract, stained glass patterned background.

Black Lives Matter in large white bubble letters with black outlining against a pink and red ground.

"Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George" in purple on wood boards. A crossed out tag is between them.

Three plywood covered windows with "Black," "Lives," and "Matter" spray-painted on them.

Red and black spray-painted text, "Black Owned Business Child Care! Black Lives Matters BLM" on plywood covered window.

MeditteraneanDeli_523 Cedar_55454_1.jpg
Fully boarded up Mediteranean Deli with "Black Owned" spray painted.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.58.01 PM.png
A black fist outlined in white, painted over other tags on plywood.

A fully boarded up Monte Sinai, with BLM Fists and "Defund Slavery Now" spray painted on the boards.
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