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Wall covered in graffiti, with a portrait of a Black man and "Portland STAND UP Long Live Larnell Bruce," in the center. The capitalized words are in yellow block letters with blue shading and orange outlining.

The graffiti filling in the…

Multicolored Black Power fists cover two plywood panels. Red hearts accent the work.

"Peace to Floyd" painted on plywood alongside a yellow poster with a portrait of Floyd in black, accompanied by text reading "Demand Justice."

Black Lives Matter in large white bubble letters with black outlining against a pink and red ground.

Tag on a boarded up window reading "YOUR ANGER IS A GIFT." Tags on the nearby wall, planter, and fence read "Justice 4 George," "Fuck 12," etc.

A wall with work written by a number of different hands, including simple tags reading BLM, ACAB, Love, Revolution, and His Name Is as well as bubble letters reading MPLS and BIG FLOYD.

A shop covered with writing by various hands, including Rest in Power in bubble letters as well as a various tags referencing BLM and the police.

Various texts by a number of different writers, including BLM, FK 12, No Justice No Peace, Love as well as a peace sign, a heart, and a fist.

Text reading Black Lives Matter against an abstract, stained glass patterned background.

A variety of wheatpasted posters on a storefront, many referencing Black Lives Matter.
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