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White panel with blue painted text at top reading "HOLD POLICE ACCOUNTABLE."

Below text are nine pages of paper with "STOP MURDERING PEOPLE OF COLOR." Six have been defaced: three with brown spray-paint covering the word "Murdering" and three…

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Red text on white background with pastel-colored flowers and ferns. Reads "BLACK LIVES MATTER." Purple text on the next panel reads "Daddy changed the World - Gianna Floyd."

A plywood board mural. The mural has a base coat of white paint. A large raised solidarity fist inside a circle is drawn with black lines and colored blue. The fist is decorated with swirls, flowers, hearts, stars, and a sun symbol. "LOVE" is written…

A mural made of three plywood panels. Each of the three panels honors a victim of racism/police brutality and has a silhouette in their likeness with a halo. The silhouettes are surrounded by colorful butterflies.

From left to right we have:…

A mural in three parts. The middle panel has the message: "For every dark night there's a brighter day --Tupac" to the left is a night panel painted in blues and greens with a silver moon and stars. To the right is a day panel painted with bright…

A plywood board covers a glass door to a business. The board is painted white and has bold, blue letters. The sign reads: "It's time for us to stand up in George's name and say...get your knee off our necks." Necks is underlined twice for emphasis. A…

Third Avenue Market is boarded up with plywood, with a painted mural by Twin Cities artist Simone Alexa. The mural features three people of color with raised fists, and the person at center holds a sign that says "Power & Equality." The depicted are…

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Blue bubble letters that read, "George Floyd" with a peace sign in the "O". Underneath is a black tag that also reads "George Floyd".

Three panels with solid blue backgrounds and red roses and vines.
Black Text:
1. Let the rain come down and wash away my tears. Let it fill my soul and drown my fears. Let it shatter walls and a new sun. (red text) A new day has come.
2. Go on…

Black and white image of Floyd's daughter, arms out, with yellow and red beam in a halo around her head. A quote of her saying "daddy changed the world". Underneath her is 'BLM' in repetition.
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