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Plywood panels appear to be painted at different time, by different artists. Painted text reads "MPD murdered" and "now breathing was a luxury?" "Pig" is painted faintly on the top of mural in green. Other text is noted, but is not legible. The face…

Messages on plywood boards covering windows. The left-most board says "Black Power" above a raised Fist. The next plywood board, which covers a door, reads "My City." The next four boards contain various messages including "MPD Murdered George…

"No Good Pigs!," "Oink Oink," and "Fuck 12" written on plywood boards on a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Murals on plywood boards covering a business. A plywood panel reads "No open pigs." One mural is a world with red hearts. Another shows a figure next to a tree with butterflies reading "Let minorities live, love, laugh, and grow." Located on a strip…

Anti-police and BLM graffiti on a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. They read "Fuck 12," "Isak Aden," "Say Their Names," "George Floyd," "People vs. Pigs," and "I smell bitches."

Various graffiti, stencils, and a poster. One poster reading "Justice for Daunte Wright," a stencil reading "Let's be better humans," and the following written in graffiti, "Just Quit," "Killer Cops," "Go to Hell," "BLM," "Justice 4 All Stolen," and…

This mural was photographed on the western side of Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland. The mural is centered on George Floyd's name next to a tombstone with RIP and his date of death. The mural includes the names of two of the police officers…

Cluster of spray-painted messages on the side of a building. Large black "GF", purple "What time? No Justice, No Peace", "Everybody hates the police.", black "Fuck Cops", "Kill Cops!!!", and a tag.
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