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Black woman with natural hair and a tattoo of the African continent on her arm. She is accompanied by text that reads "You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom."- Malcolm X

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Black woman with three candles. She is in the ocean and has a seashell necklace around her neck, and is reminiscent of Yemanjá. Text reads "Peace Love and Protection".

A mural depicting four protest signs calling for civic action and ideals of protest, power, peace and pride.

In a rectangular four panel grid format, hands hold up picket signs with the words "protest", "pride", "peace" and "power."

Stencil of a Pez candy dispenser labeled "Paz" with a fist at top and candies labeled "no justice" and "no peace." Note also the word change with an inverted "a" a peace sign on the dispenser, and a candy partially hidden with "az" visible (paz). FUA…

A black-and-white mural featuring three officers in riot gear with their shields lined up to create a barrier. The officers look around their shields to the foreground. On the front of the barrier, a Black child with an afro has painted a bright pink…

On the left, the words "Stay Safe" are written in a throw-up style of graffiti. In the middle, there is a portrait of George Floyd with the words "No Peace" written above his head. To the side of George Floyd's portrait, there are some words that…

Butterfly wings with hearts, a peace sign, a rainbow, and flowers.

A large mural in blues depicting a black goddess figure with candles and the phrase "Peace, love, and Protection."

Text above a Black Power fist, two peace signs, hearts and flowers. Text reads "Love, Justice, Peace For All."
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