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Painted Lady Justice holding up a scale with a dove on her hand. "Justice = Peace" is written across her torso. Her blindfold is partially lifted to reveal a tear coming down her cheek. Behind her is a blue cloud with white and purple spirals.

Pink panel with a tall daisy in the center. On the right is a quote in white text reading, "Love Is The Only Force Capable Of Turning An Enemy Into A Friend - MLK."

A banner with tan text on black background stating:
"If I'm not for myself,
Then who is?
If I'm only for myself,
Then who am I?
If not me, who?
If not now, when?"

A piece of cardboard with "Black Lives Matter" written in white below it.…

Painted panel with Gianna Floyd holding out her arms in front of the Earth. At the top is "Change the World" in flowing script. Below Gianna are blue and purple flowers and "FAITH" in large yellow block letters.

A mural, painted panel, and character on the same storefront. The mural has portraits of A Black boy, woman, girl, and man in the center, and two black and white portraits in the upper left corner. "BLM" and a Black Power Fist in the upper center.…

Portrait of Aiyana Jones with a red, yellow, and green striped border. "July 20, 2002 - May 16, 2010. She was just a baby." is along the side. Flowers frame the top and the bottom. "BLM" is in yellow block letters to the left.

Portrait of Elijah McClain on a yellow background. "for Elijah McClain" is on the left.

White panel with "ABOLISH ICE" in bold black text at the top. Two painted images of scared eyes with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement seal between them are in the center. The anarchist "A" symbol is on the left.

A spray-painted heart,…

Abstractized flowers, circles, and shapes. "Be the Change," in black.

Red and blue sun with large blue eyes and red lips. The outer ring of the sun has triangles and a chevron pattern. Four blue clouds surround the sun.
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