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A large yellow circle with "Black Lives Matter" sits between a peace sign and a Black Power fist in a circle. Words beneath the two circles read "Peace" and "Power."

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Black Lives Matter is painted in red, black, and green on the pavement. The letters are 25-feet tall and 300-foot. The word "Black" is painted in red, "Lives" is painted in black, and "Matter" is painted in green. These are the colors of the…

This street mural in Cincinnati, located in front of City Hall, on Plum Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets, was created by numerous artists supported by Black Art Speaks, ArtsWave, ArtWorks, and the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. …

Black Lives Matter! is painted in red, black, and green on the pavement with illustrations/sub murals within each letter. These are the colors of the Pan-African flag. All of the letters are outlined in white.

Several organizations are also…

Black Lives Matter ♡ is painted on the pavement in various colors. Each block letter was painted by various artists' teams with their own artistic expression and design.

Black Lives Matter is painted on the pavement. "Black" is in black lettering with a yellow outline. "Lives" is in blue with a yellow outline. "Matter" is in black with a yellow outline.

The district’s school board approved the mural. Teachers…

Two works on plywood panels. The first is a red square with a Black man in the center, raising his right fist and wearing flared, high-waist, green pants. To his left and right are green trapeziums with block letters reading "Black" and "Power."…

Three painted bouquets are held by black, brown, and tan Black Power fists. Petals fall from the bouquets. The flowers each have a name written above them. The names include:
Kieth Childress Jr.
Michael Noel
LeRoy Browning
Eric Harris

Two painted panels on the same wall. The first is yellow with Black person in the center. Their hair forms the acronym "BLM." The second panel is purple with black silhouette legs, arms, and head with "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" on the torso area.

Painted panel with Gianna Floyd holding out her arms in front of the Earth. At the top is "Change the World" in flowing script. Below Gianna are blue and purple flowers and "FAITH" in large yellow block letters.
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