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Two murals on plywood. The one on the left has an upside down skyline along the top with a green background. Under the black skyline are three men with their arms linked together, hands clasped to their wrists.

The second mural is of a Black woman…

This mural is spread across three groups of panels. The first group have a portrait of Tamir Rice on the left. "RIP Tamir" written in orange under the portrait. "Lookout" is in green in the center. "HOPE" is in orange and yellow 3D letter. The…

Multicolored Black Power fists cover two plywood panels. Red hearts accent the work.

Three images of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. They are each in an aureola, with halos and blue backgrounds. Above their heads are words referring to what they were doing when killed. Ahmaud's read "I Can't Run", Breonna's "I Can't…

Black Lives Matter ♡ is painted on the pavement in various colors. Each block letter was painted by various artists' teams with their own artistic expression and design.

Two works on plywood panels. The first is a red square with a Black man in the center, raising his right fist and wearing flared, high-waist, green pants. To his left and right are green trapeziums with block letters reading "Black" and "Power."…

Painted panels with a yellow background. In the center, facing away from the viewer, is a nude Black woman. Pastel flowers cover below her waist. "Black is Beautiful" is written in white cursive across her back.

Embedded in the words “Black Excellence” are images of authors Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison; Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry; athletes LeBron James, Jesse Owens and James’ agent Rich Paul; scientist Garrett Morgan; and elected officials Carl…

Three works. Left to right: the first is a white dove on a black background. "We want Love, not hate! But We will not tolerate unjustice!"

The second has a diagonal black and yellow stripes as the background. A red Black Power fist is in the…

Two works. Left is a work made of painted panels, covered in rainbow colored clouds with white block text reading "I Stand With You" and "I see you I see your pain I hear you I LOVE YOU I will show up."

The work on the right, by Nicholas Schukay,…
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