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Two painted panels on the same wall. The first is yellow with Black person in the center. Their hair forms the acronym "BLM." The second panel is purple with black silhouette legs, arms, and head with "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" on the torso area.

A stencil of George Floyd with "I Can't Breathe" next to a bouquet of flower in a wall pot shaped like the face of a woman.

Two painted panels. Left: white panels with green horizontal stripes. On the stripes is "Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere" in black. Right: "Stand For Justice" in orange on yellow and blue. There is a green background.

Black panels with a white skinny dog in the center. To its left is "Dismantle White Supremacy" and to its right is "BLM."

Three works. Left to right: a white panel with a Black man in the lower half and the words "I Am A Human Being" at the top and bottom. The next work is an abstractized black face with white lips, eyebrows, and lashes. Around the face is tan…

Four works on two plywood panels. Going clockwise: A black smiley face figure is looking at a red balloon with a white heart. The next work shows a Black child sitting on a black panther with their fist raised. In front of them is a crowd of people.…

An orange and yellow mural with "Welcome To The Revolution" in white thin lettering. This work covers up a "BLM" that was there previously.

A purple panda saying "Fuck 12 Drop L." Around the panda are multicolored stripes.

Painted Lady Justice holding up a scale with a dove on her hand. "Justice = Peace" is written across her torso. Her blindfold is partially lifted to reveal a tear coming down her cheek. Behind her is a blue cloud with white and purple spirals.

Bare plywood panels with a painted Dutch character named Miffy watching a red heart-shaped balloon. To the right is "There is ALWAYS Hope!" in red paint. Again, to the right is a taped up sheet with "Black Lives Matter" written on it.
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