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A sticker reading "No Justice No Peace | Abolish the Police" in black and white.

A bright red stencil reading "FUCK MPD" on the pavement

Stickers on a bike/pedestrian sign. One sticker depicts George Floyd with a multitude of white hands suppressing his body. Text reads "Let me." Another sticker shows Angela Davis with the quote "O'm no longer accepting the things I cannnot change.…

A sticker showing an open mouth with teeth and bright red lips. The words "SPEAK OUT!" fill the mouth. Bright yellow rays add dynamism.

Graffiti in red spray painting reading "FUCK 12."

kurtboonestreetartplywoodphotocollectionnyc19 george floyd crown.JPG
A large black and grey portrait of George Floyd is created using two joining flat surfaces. The black and white portrait is surrounded by a multicolored, mixed media background. The portrait is topped with a black crown adorned with gold lettering…

Photo by Keith McDonald.jpg
"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in black and yellow. "Black" and "Matter" are painted in black, and "Lives" is painted in yellow. The first letters of each of the words have a design.

The mural was a collaboration among Black Lives…

Voces de los Artistas (the art affinity group with Voces de la Frontera) painted on October 10, 2020, a 275′ x 26′ street mural with text that reads "VOTING IS POWER: BLACK AND BROWN LIVES MATTER." It is painted in bright yellow on Historic Mitchell…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in yellow on the pavement.

The Department of Art and Art History has partnered with other units on campus — including the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Black/African American Cultural Center, with input from…
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