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"#BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in yellow on the street. The mural stretches about three blocks long.

A sticker with a color photograph of a burning building in a city with cars parked on the street. Text above the building reads "A New World From the Ashes of the Old," with smaller text at the bottom reading "solidarity with the minneapolis…

ACAB written on an existing mural.

All Black Trans Queer Nonbinary Woman Disabled Imprisoned Lives Matter is painted on the pavement in various colors.

say her name.jpg
Plywood over two windows, painted a light pink. The left panel has the words "BLACK GIRLS DESERVE BETTER" in black bold lettering. Interspersed with the lettering are red flowers and green leaves. At the bottom, the artist's handle "GAIA.XYZ" is in…

Plywood mural @thetracypiper.jpg
This work is painted on plywood covering a storefront window. The wood is left unpainted as a plain background for the mural in the center. In the center of the plywood is a portrait of a Black person painted with yellow, blue, pink, brown and white,…

Plywood panel painted white with a portrait of a Black person in the center. The portrait is painted in a rainbow of colors with a pieced affect that resembles stained glass. The centered portrait is surrounded by four black roses that have a…

Material has been threaded through a chain link fence which reads "Black Lives Matter."

Berkeley, CA (8.7.21).JPG
A sign with Martin Luther King Jr. has been placed in a window with text reading "Black Lives Matter I Have a Dream."

black panther.jpg
Plywood panels covering a window, spray painted shades of purple and white in a pattern resembling wheel spokes. Centered is a black panther with some patterned spots along its sides and legs. The panther holds a long flagpole in its mouth. In the…
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