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Lee George Floyd.jpeg
A white sign reading "George Floyd's memorial was here for 6 months before white supremacists destroyed it on 12/28/20" is situated next to the Robert E Lee Monument. The Robert E Lee Monument has been covered with graffiti. The sign is also…

Lee Every is a Star.jpeg
These images depict the front and the side of the Robert E Lee Monument. Each side of the monument is covered in graffiti. On the front of the monument, multiple phrases are written. Some of the phrases include "Anti-Pork," "Be Holy," and "Every…

Lee 1.jpeg
This depicts a side view of the Robert E Lee monument in Virginia. In front of the monument are cement barriers with graffiti. One cement barrier has "Tamir" written on it.

"My Cries Are 4 Humanity" is spray-painted in black on a brick wall. Above the phrase "We Want Peace We Want Love We Want Justice We Want Equality" is written in black.

This poster depicts a police officer in riot gear holding a baton. The head of the police officer is a skull. Around the police officer are the words "All Cops Are Derek Chauvin." Underneath this phrase is "Smash the Police State."

A yellow sticker reads "Trump/Pence Out Now" in black. Underneath the writing, is the website

A police officer in riot gear stands in front of a Black child who is sitting on the ground. The child holds a yellow flower up to the police officer. On the ground, is a red heart with "BLM" written inside. Around the heart are blue and yellow…

A ripped sticker on a pole with "Rest in Power George Floyd #Blacklivesmatter" written in black pen.

A Black Power fist created using a stencil and painted in blue on the sidewalk.

This mural depicts a Black woman in a pink dress holding a young Black boy in her arms. On the boy's pants "Floyd" is written in blue. They are sitting in a field of lady slippers. Above the figures, "She Heard His Cry And Welcomed Him Home With Open…
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