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An abstracted image of George Floyd adhered to a firebox.

Very large portrait of George Floyd in chalk in the center of a plaza. Text reads "Rest in Power."

An image of a sunflower and butterfly with text reading "Union" and "Paz y amor."

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 4.22.31 PM.png
Four colorful birds perch on branches, set against a bright pink background. Text reads "Birdwatching Is Not A Crime!"

"No Justice No Peace" spray-painted on the door to the Tweed Courthouse. Other graffiti is on the steps, including "District 31 is Racist."

These were part of a month-long protest encampment at New York City's City Hall Park Area, organized by…

Graffiti covers the side of the New York City Surrogate Court Building and three statues. The figural statues have red tape covering their eyes and mouth. Graffiti includes "Black Lives Matter ACAB," "White Silence = Violence," "No Justice No Peace,"…

Graffiti on the side of the NYC Surrogate Court building and statues. Graffiti includes "Lenape Lands," "Cancel Rent. None Are Free Till All Are Free," "God is Black.," "All Cops Lie!" "We're taking what we deserve. Racism is not getting worse its…

Graffiti on the pavement of Broadway, Park Row and Chamber Street. It includes "FTP," "Breonna Taylor," "RIP Floyd," "Give Us Our Gold," "Evelyn RIP," "Trump Was Cool With Epstein," "Black Til You Die BTYD," "Fuck Theese Racist Ass Police," "Lenape…

Graffiti on a police box and signs on a fence. Includes "Pig Pen," a badge-shaped sticker with an insignia and "Fuck 12 City of New York." The sign has "Solidarity Vibes 4 y'all! South Gate Defenders," and "Art is a powerful werapon. Black Music…
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