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An orange diamond road sign reads "8:46 To Dead End." Originally, 8:46 was thought to have been the time that George Floyd was knelt on by Derek Chauvin.

A paper sign on a bus stop sign reads "A Man Was Lynched By The Police What Are You Doing About It?" Underneath, it says "Text 'Floyd' to 55156 Use Your Privilege For Good."

A green neon sign taped to the ground reads "A Murderer Is A Murderer, No Matter Their Job Title! #BLM." Next to the writing is a Black Power Fist.

A white poster reads "Abolish Legal Slavery" and "Prison Reform Now." Next to the writing is a Black Power Fist.

A tag in black paint reads "ACAB."

"ACAB Fuck All Cops" is spray-painted on an upside-down American flag.

Spray-painted in orange on the street is "ACAB."

A sign on a building near to Saint John's Episcopal Church reads "AFL-CIO Supports Black Lives Matter." AFL-CIO stands for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

A cardboard sign reads "All Lives Cant Matter Until Black Lives Matter!!"

"AmeriKKKa Fuck 1312" is spray-painted in black in front of the public bathroom in Lafayette Park. 1312 has been a tag associated with opposing police brutality.
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