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Mural B_1.20.21.jpg
The background of the mural is a rainbow with a cityscape in front of it. In the foreground are shapes of people protesting, wearing masks. The people are rainbow colored, purple, yellow, pink, green etc. The protesters are holding signs saying, "No…

Stenciled words in black paint read, "NYPD = Nazi Scum".

A sticker of the NYPD logo and initialism replaces the words, "Police Department," with the words, "Pricks and Dicks." The words are replaced in both the logo and the initialism.

Pricks  Dicks_small poster_photo credit Mitchel Chalek+2.12.21.jpg
On the NYPD logo, the words "Police Department" have been replaced with the words "Pricks and Dicks."

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.40.31 PM.png
The outline of a police officer is surrounded by a red no symbol. Above and below the image are the words, in all caps, "DEFUND NYPD".
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