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This mural depicts the Black Power fist in purples, blues, yellows, and pinks. At the wrist of the fist is a yellow heart. Above the fist is a yellow crown the the phrase "B.L.M" written inside of it. Surrounding the fist is white feathers.

This mural depicts the phrase "Black Lives Matter" in a patch of blue and yellow flowers. Around the flowers are pink hearts.

A plywood panel with "Justice For Breonna Taylor" painted in black letters. The background consists of abstract yellow shapes.

This mural depicts a rattlesnake with the phrase "Don't Kneel On Me" written in white letters inside of the snake. Green leaves and vines with thorns appear around the snake. Yellow, blue, and pink eyes are also painted around the snake.

This mural depicts a young Black girl, who is wearing a pink and blue outfit and has pigtails in her hair. She wears a blue headband with cat ears. She wears a blue face mask with the phrase "Black Lives" written in black letters. She holds a brown…

Mural with the phrase "Trump=Racism We Voted Him Out!" painted in white. Underneath, is the phrase "Rise and Resist" in white letters.

better together.JPG
This plywood mural depicts the NOHO Community working together. It is divided into six pieces of plywood, each portraying a different image. The first piece of plywood is red with a yellow character pumping water from a fire hydrant. The second piece…
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