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'NO JUSTICE NO PEACE' with a peace sign written in black permanent marker on an electric box.

Written in red paint on an electric box, 'ALL POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE' 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' with a red peace sign.

A teal-blue and yellow peace sign hand gesture is painted. Written on top is 'JUSTICE FOR BREONNA'.
A sticker from a nearby business of a cat has been placed over it.

An image of George Floyd in red is spray-painted above white text that writes 'REST IN POWER' on the side of a painted brick building.

An abstract form is drawn on an electric box with a speech bubble saying 'ACAB'.

'BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!' Written upside down in black paint on a brown electric box.

This mural featuring Dontre Hamilton, Sandra Bland, a young child, and Sylville Smith is on the side of a business on the corner of Holton Street and Center Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are numerous works along the entire side of this…

Mural reading RIP George Floyd, 1973-2020. This mural is on front of a boarded up building at 3825 W. Center Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a memorial to George Floyd.

This mural is located on a popular corner in Milwaukee for social tribute artworks since the killing of George Floyd. It is located on the corner of North Avenue and Holton Street on the side of an empty building. There are various works in the area,…
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