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A large piece of white cardboard with the names of Black people killed by police written on it. The letters are small because there are so many names.

A shrine on the front stoop of a home. It holds a picture of George Floyd and several votive candles and other offerings.

This is a tribute to George Floyd, with various contributions from the Grinnell community in the form of Black Lives Matter signs, flowers, and hand-made drawings including George Floyd and the police.

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A black person with a sign covering their eyes that reads, "I am not a threat". Next to it, a protester with an afro and fist rasied, in a yellow shirt and a mask. Five panels depicting the faces of: Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Philando…

A large black and white portrait of George Floyd located near the site where Floyd was killed. This work was painted on a large wooden panel that was attached to a bus stand. A spontaneous and organic altar has appeared in front of the panel. There …

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This is Lowry Hill Liquors' artistically-lettered George Floyd Mural. The photograph measures at 37" wide by 14" tall.

A large mural focused on portraits of two men. On the left is John T. Williams, a seventh-generation Native woodcarver who was shot and killed by Seattle police on August 10, 2010. On the right is Black Panther activist Fred Hampton, who was…

Images of a living, spontaneous memorial in a central location in Camden, Maine. This includes many handmade signs, tributes to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, flowers and candles.

Various photographs of George Floyd Memorial site, including panel by Peyton Scott Russell with wooden planters and the large fist sculpture at the roundabout.
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