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Black Lives Matter is painted across the sidewalk in various colors. "Black" is painted in blue, "Lives" is painted in green, and "Matter" is painted in yellow.

Black Lives Matter is painted in white on the pavement.

The mural was organized by Richard Bird and George Dominguez.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in red, black, and green on the pavement. Underneath, "Chestertown Unites Against Racism" is written in green.

The mural was created by the artist Kevin Harris and John Hutchinson, an architect who did the scale…

Screenshot 2022-07-13 215450.png
"We Can'tBreathe" is painted on the pavement in black. At the end of the phrase, there is a Black Power Fist. Underneath, "Chestertown Unites Against Racism" is painted in green.

Wanda Boyer, a member of the Social Action Committee for Racial…

"Black Trans Lives Matter" is painted in blue, pink, and white on the pavement.

The mural was organized by Jamie Grace Alexander with Baltimore Safe Haven.

A 7000-square-foot ground mural in Chambers Park depicts Breona Taylor with the message "Black Lives Matter." Near her, the dates "June 5, 1993 - March 13, 2020" are written.

Annapolis-based Future History Now, a nonprofit art collective that…

Lady Liberty.jpeg
A large mural of Lady Liberty, represented as a Black woman, holding a book that says "Know Thy Self" and with one arm raised in a fist. The background is a purple city skyline, with a sun above it in shades of yellow, pink, and purple.

Black Lives Matter is painted in black, yellow, white, and red on the pavement. Each of the individual letters has a design. Some of the designs include representations of Cambridge civil rights leader Gloria Richardson, Dorchester native Harriet…

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A sticker showing a Black woman wearing a pink pussy hat and a face mask that reads "Legalize Blackness." This sticker is in dialogue with a previously applied sticker in support of Trump. The letters "MP" and "reat again" are visible.
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