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"ACAB" has been written on a police sign along with the Anarchy symbol.

"RIP George" has been written on a utility pole in white.

A sign in Uptown with graffiti in silver marker. Under the sign "Winston Smith" has been written with chalk.

Spray-paint and marker from two different artists on a plywood panel. Together they read "Death to to Racism Oppression Hate Hunger Fear Inequality Injustice Poverty Homelessness Abuse Bullying

Markered text on an electrical box reads "RIP George Floyd RIP Breanna Taylor RIP Ahmaud Arbery Rest In Power."

Markered "People Live Here!" on a panel-covered window and a panel-covered door.

Penned "In the days of those 1% corporate kings...our Sovereign Creator shall set up a sovereign Kingdom! Daniel 2:44."

Blue throw up, "Heal" with an orange background.

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Empty Storefront_1 W 38th_55409_2.jpg
Empty storefront covered with boards with "Love" spraypainted vertically on the door. Also includes "BLM," "George," and "Parent + Kid Residence" written in marker.
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