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At the intersection of 38th and Chicago Ave., there is a blue and white angel painted where George Floyd was restrained and killed by by Derek Chauvin. The angel has its arms behind its back in a position of restraint. Underneath the angel, "I Can't…

"Mama I Can't Breathe" painted with multicolored paint over a black fist of power. This mural is painted on a brick wall.

Six stencils, each reading "MAMA I CAN'T BREATHE!" Red "Don't Let Them Change The Narrative!" to the right.

Repeated stencil text reading "Mama I Can't Breathe" on plywood

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 2.58.27 PM.png
Painted on plywood, a stencil reading "Mama I Can't Breathe" and freehand "Don't Let Them Change the Narrative."
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