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Painted on plywood panels with a black background, a stencil portrait of George Floyd with stylized plants, flowers, and urban landscape. Stenciled text above Floyd reads "Justice for Floyd Now." The letters MPLS are arranged vertically on the right…

Painting of a Black woman wearing a white face mask with "BLM" on it. "No Justice No Peace" is on her shirt. Rainbows extend from her raised hands. MPLS and the city skyline rest above her afro. A heart sits in the center. Pine trees and flowers…

A pig wearing a MPLS cap. The pig has squinty eyes, a misshapen snout, and red blood splatters on its ears.

White on black mural. "MPLS" at the top. Flora and "Justice For Floyd Now" at the front and side.

Round letter throw up reading "Floyd" with green shading. Black text around work reads "Love Each Other," "MPLS," "StP," "Say His Name," "Justice 4 George," and "1" with a heart.

Purple block letters reading "We Love These Streets". In the "o" of "Love" is "St Paul/MPLS." Letters are outlined in black and yellow. Blue clouds are scattering in the background.

This work covers a large tag. Likely said "Justice For George."

Throwie with purple "MPLS" on a blue splash background. Tag with "Minnesota" in black.

The throwie covers previous tags.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 12.51.40 AM.png
Large mostly green bubble letters readig ‘Floyd’. Surrounding it are bits of text in black that read: ‘love each other’, ‘justice for George’, ‘MPLS’, ‘STP’, ‘say his name’ in white bubbles.

Mural with a red background. A Black man shows off "Love" and "MPLS" brass knuckles to the viewer. White text reads "Do The Right Thing" and "#Justice For George Floyd."

Large white text reading, "BLACK LIVES MATTER" over black plywood on a large storefront window. Two other windows covered in plywood with "MPLS" and a matching white heart are on the same building.
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