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Graffiti reading "Amir Locke Was Killed Fuck MPD" on the sign for Folwell Hall, University of Minnesota

Plywood panels appear to be painted at different time, by different artists. Painted text reads "MPD murdered" and "now breathing was a luxury?" "Pig" is painted faintly on the top of mural in green. Other text is noted, but is not legible. The face…

Messages on plywood boards covering windows. The left-most board says "Black Power" above a raised Fist. The next plywood board, which covers a door, reads "My City." The next four boards contain various messages including "MPD Murdered George…

"Fuck MPD” is written on the sidewalk in black marker.

Assorted tags and stencils on plywood. From left to right, the spray painted tags read: Fuck MPPD, MPD is a gang, BLM, MPD Murdered George Floyd, and RIP ANJ. On the left, the letters GF are stenciled in red and green four times.

Large clusters of tags across a storefront. Includes: "No more hate," "This Is Not A Moment Its A Movement," "I Cant Breath," "Say His Name," BLM," peace signs and hearts, "George Floyd," "Peace," "MPD K BLM," "MPLS Revolution, "Rebuild," "No Justice…

White spraypainted text on plywood-covered storefront. "Fuck MPPD" and Stop Killing." MPPD is covered in blue spray-paint. A cardboard sign attached to the plywood reads "BLACK LIVES MATTER!" in green marker.

Boarded up window of Fjall Raven with large spray painted text reading "Hold MDP Accountable," "Empty," and "BLM."

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A tag reading "Defund MPD" in black spray paint on a parking ramp sign.

Black spray-painted "MPD SURENDER" on Burger King sign.
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